The Cat

The Cat

The living shadow, the embodiment of darkness, svelteness and mystery - a black cat.

Puss has a strong, rather comical/stylized silhouette, long whiskers and large eyes. As stylized and characterful as he is he is none the less capable of being shown in many ways, as predator, as soft companion, playful or judgmental, creepy or comfortable...

This pack includes three different poses of Puss - looking down, looking up and of course I could not model a black cat without also doing a pose based on the 'Le Chat Noir"

Also included in this pack is two little mice - one a fabric toy and one 'real', and a wall for the cat to sit on.


Vertex count: 45,290
Face count:90,474




Vertex: 80
Faces: 160

Geometry: Quads and triangles
UV's: Some overlapping, mostly not.

PBR Texture/s:
⦁ BaseColour,
⦁ Roughness,
⦁ Opacity
⦁ Normal

Texture resolution: Mixed.

Cat: 4096 (eye resolution 1024)
Mice: 2048
Wall: 1024


⦁ .fbx (mesh without materials) exported from Blender
Rendered in Blender Cycles

Material hints.

The basic materials will require a PBR based shader for the BaseColour, Roughness, Metallic and Normal texture maps.
Puss and the 'realistic' mouse also have a Sub Surface Scattering element - for the preview images I used the BaseColour/s as the colour of the SSS, and the black/white map as the factor.

The SSS map works by black being 0 SSS and white being 100% SSS (so a soft grey indicates only a touch of SSS) This is how the map works in Blender, if you find the entire model going translucent then you should try to invert the map.
I have also included two different BaseColour maps for the toy mouse, one pink and one natural - the natural coloured one is easy for you to adjust or change to your own needs. You can either do this in Photoshop or Gimp or within your software by using a colour Hue/Saturation/Chroma node to your shader.

File Size (in GB): 0.03
Textures/UVs Included:
File Type (only click one):
.fbx (Autodesk FBX)
.abc (Alembic)
.obj (OBJ)
.ma/.mb (Maya)
.hip (Houdini)
.max (3DS Max)
.c4d (Cinema 4D)
.blend (Blender)
.katana (Katana)
.upx/uasset (Unreal)
.unitypackage (Unity)
.nk (Nuke)
.usd (USD)
Rigged, no animation
No animation, No rig
Asset Type:

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