Stylized Desert Island

Stylized Desert Island

A tiny island with a big secret, a treasure chest full of gold coins hidden beneath the palms...

A complete, stylized scene featuring two palm trees, ferns, underwater weeds, rocks, a pirate treasure chest and coins.

All assets are re-usable in other scenes and the treasure chest can be easily rigged to allow the lid to open and close.

Vertex/poly count:
⦁ Vertex: 202,965
⦁ Face: 206,414

Geometry: Mainly quads, triangles for the rocks.

Uvs: Non - overlapping.

Material Workflow - PBR Metallic Roughness

⦁ Base Colour,
⦁ Roughness,
⦁ Metallic,
⦁ Normal - Open GL
Texture Resolutions available: 2048
*note: water is not UV unwrapped - use glass shader in whatever colour you desire.

Scale: Unit scale 1, roughly real world scale. The water square measures 39.3 metres by 39.3 metres and is 7 metres deep.

⦁ .fbx (mesh without materials) exported from Blender
More formats available on request.

All images rendered in Blender Cycles

File Size (in GB): 0.021
Textures/UVs Included:
File Type (only click one):
.fbx (Autodesk FBX)
.abc (Alembic)
.obj (OBJ)
.ma/.mb (Maya)
.hip (Houdini)
.max (3DS Max)
.c4d (Cinema 4D)
.blend (Blender)
.katana (Katana)
.upx/uasset (Unreal)
.unitypackage (Unity)
.nk (Nuke)
.usd (USD)
Rigged, no animation
No animation, No rig
Asset Type:

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