Information about Academy of Animated Art Marketplace


Academy of Animated Art Marketplace

What is the Academy of Animated Art Marketplace?
This marketplace is designed to be your one-stop shop to buy, sell, and exchange the best models and 3d assets available. 
Looking for the perfect asset for your 3D scene?
We’ve got you covered! Our assets are clean, organized, and ready to go! 
Browse our library for fully textured models, animated characters, and incredible environments ready to be added to your demo reel. 
How do I purchase an asset?
It’s a super simple process:
1. Pick your asset
2. Complete the purchase
3. We will send you the download link within 24-48 hours
4. Make it beautiful!! 

Check out some of the incredible work done with our assets! 

Where do I post my work with the assets?
Check out our Discord Community. There you can get feedback on your work and join a community of supportive artists as you grow and develop your demo reel.

What are these Lighting Challenges?
We also host regular Lighting Challenges where we pick one of our favorite assets from the marketplace for a lighting competition. 
The rules are simple:
Step 1. Download the Model
Step 2. Light It
Step 3. Post it to our Discord Server by the end of the month.
Step 4. We pick the best image and announce the winner! (winner's featured on lighting hall of fame)
Do you have assets you want to sell?
Let’s do it! 
We are always looking to add more amazing things for our community to light. 
All you have to do is complete this application form. Once approved, we will host it, market it, sell it, and you will receive a 75% commission sent straight to your Paypal account!!*

How do I submit my asset to sell?
Just complete this Submission Form and allow us to review the asset. 
Once approved, the asset will be placed in our asset library and you can start making money

What are we looking for in the approval process?
  • Assets that you own all elements and you can legally sell
  • Assets with both file formats from the program they were created in (Maya, Blender, etc…) and universal files that can be read by all software (.fbx, .obj, etc…)
  • No required plugins 
  • All models have UVs
  • Files are cleaned and assets inside the file are properly named and well organized
  • All accompanying external files properly named and organized
  • If the scene is animated:
    • Remove the rig and bake out animation as an alembic file
    • Provide characters in T-poses for texture painting and shading 

Basically, we want clean assets that anyone can work with! 

*minus credit card and other fees