Beach House

Tropical Beach Hut

Precariously perched on a tiny island outcropping, this little beach hut waits in the shade of the single tree. Wooden stairs lead up to the porch edged with rope 'fences' and with plenty of life-rings about for those who fall off anyway.

Vertex/poly count:

⦁ Vertex: 187,203
⦁ Face: 178,273

Geometry: Mixed - quads, triangles and Ngons

Uvs: Non overlapping

Material Workflow - PBR Metallic Roughness


⦁ BaseColour,
⦁ Roughness,
⦁ Metallic,
⦁ Normal - Open GL
⦁ Opacity

Texture Resolutions available: 2048


.blend - original file ready to render - please ask if you would like this
.fbx (mesh without materials) exported from Blender

The materials are simple, just use the texture maps in a PBR Metallic Roughness shader and you should be good to go. However I mixed translucency into the leaves using the BaseColour texture for the translucent colour.
For the water I used the texture maps in a PBR shader then mixed it with a glass shader set to a very pale aqua and set the mix to .6 (making it just a bit more towards the glass than the PBR* see image)

All images rendered in Blender Cycles

File Size (in GB): 0.04
Textures/UVs Included:
File Type (only click one):
.fbx (Autodesk FBX)
.abc (Alembic)
.obj (OBJ)
.ma/.mb (Maya)
.hip (Houdini)
.max (3DS Max)
.c4d (Cinema 4D)
.blend (Blender)
.katana (Katana)
.upx/uasset (Unreal)
.unitypackage (Unity)
.nk (Nuke)
.usd (USD)
Rigged, no animation
No animation, No rig
Asset Type:

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